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Oct 31, 2017

This week we are joined by Justin and talk about stress, church governance, and a spattering of news including Muslim and Christian parents behaving badly, people treating Muslims badly, God treating O'Reilly badly, and more.

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Oct 24, 2017

In this week's episode of the Atheist Nomads we are joined by Merry Cole and talk about contraceptives, abortion, and religion. In the news we have Trump making fun of Pence, an Indiana county removing a harm reduction program because of the Bible, and a congressional candidate who talks to aliens.

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Oct 18, 2017

In this week's episode Dustin and Lauren apologize for some terrible things said in episode 219 and since we're joined by Mikey Pullman the apology got rambly and went into some fascinating tangents. In the news we talked about Trump's latest, the conservative power grab in the Adventist Church, vampire hunts, and our...

Oct 10, 2017

This week we are joined by Erin Riley.

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE - Faith, Works, Grace, and Will


FFRF has won their housing allowance lawsuit again.

Cardinal Burke says that people in same sex relationships shouldn't be...

Oct 5, 2017

The Right to Reason

Drama in the atheist community
* Mythinformation Conference

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE - Signs of the Times


Puerto Rico