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Feb 24, 2017

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Feb 23, 2017

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE - The Adventist Millennium

Iranian chess master removed from national team because she didn’t wear a headscarf

A West...

Feb 16, 2017

DUSTIN' OFF THE DEGREE - The Time of Trouble - SDA Style

New Tennessee bill would label children conceived via artificial insemination to be illegitimate

Idaho House Education Committee rejected climate curriculum

Feb 9, 2017

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE - Are we relevant?


UPDATE - DeVos confirmed in 51-50 vote

UPDATE - Falwell appointed to higher ed deregulation task force

Feb 2, 2017

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE - Whose Prophet is Crazier?

SDA - Ellen G White
LDS - Joseph Smith


Quebec City Mosque Shooting

Journalists charged with felonies for covering Trump inauguration riots