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May 14, 2015

* National Day of Reason in Boise
 - Audio in the feed
 - Video on our YouTube page
Greta Christina will be in Richland, WA June 16
Stephanie Guttormson (e71) is getting sued by a faith healer she called out

*1796 - Jenner Tests Smallpox Vaccine
*1973 - Skylab Launched

Andromeda's far-reaching halo
Newly discovered galaxy is farthest and one of the oldest known to humankind
Chicken embryos created with dinosaur snouts
Rubella eliminated from the Americas

Third atheist blogger this year butchered in Bangladesh
Iran has banned “evil spiky hair” because of the devil
Indonesian district prohibits unmarried men and women from sharing motorcycles
Pew religious landscape survey shows Christianity in decline and the nones on the rise
Poll shows more voters would support an LGBT than evangelical presidential candidate
Supreme Court rejects appeal of New Jersey gay conversion ban
Update: Cochran, GA to removed it’s Christian Flag
Ben Carson is running!

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