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Dec 4, 2018

On this week's episode Erin Riley is back and we talk about a lost of missionaries behaving badly, satanic stuff, and the anti-vax movement's successes in driving up disease rates.

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Neil De Grasse Tyosn me too’d

Gideons distribute Bibles at Idaho school, draw complaints


Oregon man fired for refusing to attend Bible study sessions

Slain US Man Had Been Training to Meet Sentinelese Tribe Since College, Reveals Missionary Group

Sydney woman deported from Nepal accused of door knocking as a Christian missionary

Texas pastor's protest inadvertently promoted Swedish metal band's show

Satanists settle lawsuit with Netflix over goat-headed statue in Sabrina show

Chinese city tells Muslims who consider alcohol forbidden to hand themselves in to authorities

Anti-vaccination community in North Carolina hit with chickenpox outbreak

'Anti-vax' movement blamed for 30 per cent jump in measles cases worldwide

Israeli government bill would ban the unvaccinated from schools during outbreaks


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