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Jul 9, 2015

USA USA USA wins Women’s World Cup!!!



* 1955 - Presidential Candidate Lindsey Graham born
* 1976 - Female cadets enrolled at West Point
* 1981 - Donkey Kong released
* 1986 - The Parliament of New Zealand passes the Homosexual Law Reform Act legalising homosexuality in New Zealand


Celebrating summer when we are the farthest away from the sun
Computer glitch on NASA’s New Horizon prompts quick reboot
Happy Shark Week!
Major explosion rocks SpaceX


The Backlash

Tennessee hardware store is “no gays allowed
Many county clerks don’t want to obey
Hood County, TX Clerk refused to comply until sued
South Dakota clerk seems to want to marry her dog now...
Tennessee county clerk's quit over same sex marriage
Fly the Christian flag over the American Flag

Other news

Update - The California vaccine bill signed into law
Catholic Church ordered to pay $5.1 million for fraud in Norway
Oklahoma Supreme Court orders removal of Ten Commandments
Gov Mary Fallin is refusing to comply
Abstinence only sex ed advocate Bristol Palin is pregnant...again...


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