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Feb 28, 2014



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* 1827 - New Orleans take to the streets for Mardi Gras
* 1922 - Supreme Court defends women's voting rights in Leser v. Garnett |other source
* 1980 - "I Will Survive" wins the first—and last—Grammy ever awarded for Best Disco Recording
* 1998 - Queen Elizabeth says First Born Daughters Have Same Rights as Sons


Fatwa issued against Muslims going to Mars
Nuclear fusion!
Dogs really can pick up on our emotions
Ancient genome suggests that Native Americans descended from the Clovis culture


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the anti-gay discrimination bill
Republican senators try to undo federal recognition of same-sex marriages
Uganda’s president signed anti-gay bill...
...based on statements from scientists
It’s also bad in much of the rest of Africa
Protests allowed for the release of a Ugandan gay rights activist over visa issues in South Africa
Colorado Woman claimed Jesus put her baby on the train tracks
Former US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay thinks God wrote the Constitution
CPAC drops American Atheists

INTERVIEW - Mohammed Sayed and Sadaf of Ex-Muslims of North America

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Recorded for release on 2014-02-27