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Feb 16, 2014

Correction - Reports of Uganda anti-gay bill veto are exaggerated (more recent news)
Robert Ray’s Oak Harbor City Counsel invocation


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*1633 - Galileo in Rome for Inquisition
*1905 - Teddy Roosevelt discusses America's race problem
*2008 - Mel Gibson completes DUI probation
*1992 - Jose Canseco charged with aggravated battery


*Quantum theory proves consciousness moves on after death, or does it...
*Back to Africa
*Contrary to the Bible camels weren’t domesticated until about 3000 years ago


*US abortion rate is the lowest since 1973, thanks to the pill
*Feds will grant married same sex couples full recognition in all federal matters
*Scotland’s parliament approves marriage equality
*Idaho state police arrest protesters
*Mormon President summoned to British court on charges of fraud
*Senior pastor ignored mother’s pleas over youth pastor sexually assaulting her daughter

INTERVIEW - Bridgett ‘Bria’ Crutchfield, founder of Minority Atheists of Michigan and president of Black Nonbelievers of Detroit

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Recorded for release on 2014-02-13